PADI Open Water Diver - Checkout Dive Updates

As of June 26th, 2024 - Water tempetures are now acceptable for checkout dives and open water dives are in full swing. We expect to begin checkout dives for newly certifying divers soon. Checkout dive dates are on the calendar so let us know when you would like to complete your certification dives. Please stay tuned for updates.

As of June 26th 2024 our Open Water Checkout dive weekends have been  scheduled and we are planning on adding more.

PADI Open Water Diver - Checkout Dive Procedures

COST / Duration

Checkout Dives for the Open Water Diver Course are $175 unless you have already paid for a complete Course option. Checkout dives consist of:

  • 1 day (2 dives) for the PADI Scuba Diver certification
  • 2 days (4 dives) for the PADI Open Water Diver Certification
  • 2 to 3 days (5 dives) for PADI Advanced Open Water certification
  • 2 to 3 days (multiple dives) for PADI Rescue Diver certification
  • 1 to 4 days (of multiple dives each day) for PADI Specialty Course certifications.

***Information below assumes the PADI Open Water Diver certification, however the same applies to all of our checkout dive procedures with the above listed number of days/dives***


Thursday / Friday before your Open Water Dives

On the Thursday before, you must call 402-819-9456 sometime between 10 AM and 5 PM to set-up an appointment to be fitted. You will be fitted with a wetsuit, hood, gloves, BC and weight belt. This must be done Thursday night or sometime Friday. You will take these items with you. If you have not yet done so, the open water fee will be paid at this time.​​​​


Saturday Morning for Open Water Dives 1 & 2

You will drive directly to the Open Water testing site on Satuday morning. Plan to be on the road for anywhere from 45 minutes to little more than an hour depending on the Open Water testing site we are using. You will need to leave from Omaha giving yourself enough time to arrive by 9:00am at the Open Water testing site. You will be given your tank & regulator at that time. As a diver you must be well rested and mentally alert. You will not be permitted to dive if you are obviously under the influence of any controlled substances. For those participants 21 years or older we recommend refraining from consuming any alcohol on the nights preceding your open water checkout dives as this could impair your performance during the checkout dives.


Things to bring to the Open Water Dive Testing Site
(or be aware of for post-dive care of equipment)

​​​​1. All of the equipment checked out to you the Thursday/Friday before the dives.
2. Ground cloth (tarp, etc) to put your equipment on to keep it out of the sand and dirt. This should be large enough for you to change on.
3. If we haven't taken a photo of you for your C-Card (in most cases we have) you need to remind us to do so.
4. You might want to bring a snack, but you will definitely want to bring something to drink (water or sports drink - NO soda or pop as this will further dehydrate you).
5. You should be prepared to drive up to 60 miles (one way) to the dive site and back.
6. Bring your log book, it's required.
7. We will take your tank after the dives on Saturday so it can be refilled for Sunday.
8. Wash all of the equipment off. Let the wetsuit dry inside out first, since that's the side that will be next to you on Sunday. Then dry the outside.​​​​


Sunday Morning for Open Water Dives 3 & 4

You will drive directly to the Open Water testing site on Sunday morning (just like you did on Saturday). You will need to be on site by 9:00am so we can begin our dives. The last two dives should be done by 12:30pm. Of course this depends on the group. After the dives, we will take all of the equipment except the wetsuit items. Please rinse these items at home, dry them out (like you did on Saturday) and return them no later than the Tuesday after your Open Water Checkout Dives are completed. Please call to let us know what time you will be by. At that time you will receive a temporary card until your official card from PADI arrives at the dive center.