Diving Equipment:   To Buy, or Not To Buy?    That is the real question.

One of the first dilemmas that you face as a new diving student is whether or not you should buy your own equipment. This page is designed to guide you in making an informed and intelligent decision. We do feel that it is important that you are diving in your own equipment however each person must make their own choice, 'rent or buy'. In making that decision, there are three areas of consideration.

Why Should I Buy My Own Equipment?

1. Comfort - Proper individual fit means you will be more comfortable.

2. Safety - You control the frequency of maintenance, which means more reliable performance.

3. Safety - You know where to reach for the BC controls and backup air source.

4. Convenience - You eliminate reliance on rental availability.

5. Price - You will save money in the long run.

6. Health - You know who used your equipment and when.

We can not overemphasize the advantages of having your own equipment. When you feel more comfortable you will look forward to diving more, you will fit it into your schedule, and you will use your newfound skills as you intended to. When you feel comfortable and confident, you are always ready to go diving. One of the main reasons that divers drop out of the sport is that they do not "feel comfortable". This could mean with their equipment, with their skills, or both. By diving in your own equipment and by taking the PADI Advanced Open Water Course, you will not find yourself in that position.

Why Should I Buy My Equipment During My Training Course?

Some students feel that they should wait to buy their equipment until after they finish their training. This is a mistake for the following reasons.

1. Value - You will get the most out of your training when you train on the equipment that you actually will use when diving.

2. Experience - When you buy your equipment during the course, you will actually get to use it during your pool and open water training.

3. Assistance - Our staff is right there to help you learn to use your equipment as part of your training, rather than having to learn to use it on you own after the course.

4. Value - Combining the skills and familiarity with your equipment will get you the most for your training dollar.

5. Safety - By being familiar with your equipment and being comfortable using that equipment, it will be easier to perform the required skills of your training course.

Some divers feel that they would not know what equipment to buy early in their training. But our professional staff can guide you through those decisions. Remember that you are our customer and it is our job to make you happy. If we sell you a piece of equipment and it is not working for you as you would like, we will be happy to exchange it and have you try something different. It makes our job easier if you are comfortable and happy. If we do that job well, it actually makes it easier for us to turn out a better student -- You!

Why Buy From Your Professional Dive Store, Underwater World?

The proper equipment is essential to your enjoyment of the sport. It is specialized equipment and it is essential that you get the proper advice before making your decisions. Here are the reasons to choose Underwater World.

1. Price - With the student discount for mask, fins, & snorkel, special package pricing on top quality equipment, we can assure you that you are making a good investment.

2. Service - You are assured long term reliable service and equipment backup. We have serviced the dive community for over 45 years.

3. Choices - We can supply you with a wide selection of quality equipment from many of the major scuba equipment manufacturers.

4. Choices - We offer you a large selection of diver services, from dive travel, to advanced training, to a dive club, to advice and career planning (if you decide to make scuba diving your career - honestly we understand as that is what we did).

5. Safety - You are working with one of the best dive operations in the country. We have thousands of satisfied customers and we want you to be one of them.

  • With over Forty-Five years in the dive business, we know what it takes to produce safe, comfortable, competent and happy divers. That is what has made Underwater World what it is today, one of the best dive operations in the country. We see our customers, not only as customers, but also as friends and dive buddies. It is a long-term relationship that we are looking for. We can only find that by training a good diver. A big part of that transition is getting you into your own equipment and getting you comfortable with it. To that end, we are here for you. Come in and see us, and we will get that process started.