Refresher Procedures

Session Fees:    $65
Where: Kroc Center or OHB
When: Any scheduled pool night when we offer a Discover Scuba session
Session Crew Pack:     None
Certification Fee:     None

We will provide tanks, air, and weight belt for this session. All other items the student should provide or rent.

Why a Refresher?

PADI has established guidlines that recommend you ​​​refresh your skills if you have been away from diving for more then 6 months.

The Fun Part

Refresh the skills you remember (or perhaps not remember) from your training and build the confidence you need to dive safely.

What We Cover

The refresher will cover:
Mask Clearing
Tired diver tows
All important Buoyancy Control
Alternate air-source breathing
Regulator Clearing and Recovery
And many more
Plus time to swim around to get comfortable